Random Password Generator

Random Password Generator 1.3(20150716)

Generate multiple passwords in one click


  • Several filters to create passwords
  • Can create up to 100 passwords at the same time
  • Checks password strength


  • No option to create readable passwords
  • Password manager too basic

Not bad

Random Password Generator helps you with the always annoying task of coming up with a new password every time you subscribe to a new online service.

You can choose the password’s length (from 6 to 64 characters), and whether or not to include capital letters, numbers and punctuation symbols. Random Password Generator can create up to 100 passwords at the same time, displaying them in a list with a color code that classifies them according to their strength. We missed having some kind of option to create more readable, easy-to-remember passwords, though.

Random Password Generator also includes a basic password manager that lets you store newly-created passwords in a database. Each entry includes an ID and personal comment, and the whole list can be exported to a text file.

Random Password Generator is a handy password generating tool that will help you with the difficult task of having a different password for each online service.

Random Password Generator can create a securer environment for either important data storage or privacy protection.

Random Password Generator is designed to create a much securer environment for either important data storage or privacy protection. It is able to generate highly secure random passwords that are almost impossible to crack. This smart and secure password generator also includes a useful Password Manager, by which you can mark, search, and organize the passwords generated. It's safe, secure, and 100% free!

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Random Password Generator


Random Password Generator 1.3(20150716)

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